Kids Birthday Parties

Getting Active For Kids Birthday Parties

Birthdays happen year round, of course, but it always seems like there are more kids birthday parties to attend during the summer. Perhaps it’s because the nicer weather encourages parents to put together bigger and more memorable birthdays. Whatever the case may be, there is no doubting that the summer weather opens up opportunities for… read more

Why A Birthday Party Themed Around Physical Fitness Is A Benefit

While we’re headed toward the end of the summer, that doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying physical fitness with your child. One way that you can continue to implement physical fitness into your child’s life is on his or her birthday. Instead of having a birthday centered around princesses or race cars, try a… read more

Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday At Hot Ground Gym

Kids birthday parties can always be a little intense. There are several kids, cake, and there has to be a constant form of entertainment. If you want to avoid coming up with an array of activities for your child and his or her friends, then check out Hot Ground Gym®. We have been voted as… read more

The Inspiration For Our Kids’ Birthday Party Venue

We’re quite proud of our kids’ gym here in Northbrook (and equally proud of our first expansion in Vernon Hills). If you’ve never been in, you might be surprised to see all of the interesting equipment and obstacles that we have lined up for kids’ birthday parties. Well, all you have to do is take… read more

Why People Love Us A Kids’ Birthday Party Place

  In our blogs, we’ve talked about the many reasons that kids and parents alike love our birthday party place. Sometimes we talk about the best reasons that a parent should have their kid’s birthday party with us and the ways we make like easier on adults. Other times we’ve discussed the way our parties… read more

How Our Kids Party Place Can Make Things a Little Easier On You

Could you use a little help with your kid’s birthday party? We’re parents too, and we know that finding a kids’ birthday party place and gathering up everything you need and finding the right invitations and picking a theme and…well, you get the picture; it’s insane! So, with so much to do, how can a… read more

How Our Birthday Party Place Addresses The Problems of Other Venues

We’re sure you’ve been to your share of kids birthday parties. You’ve probably planned your share of them, and you’ve certainly taken your child to a number of others over the years. Some have been at some pretty cool birthday party places, others have been at locations that are, for lack of a better word,… read more

Top 3 Reasons Parents Love Our Birthday Party Place for Kids

If you’re the parent of the birthday party girl or boy, there are many reasons you’ll want to make use of our birthday party place in Northbrook. After all, the kids will love it and you’ve got no clean up to take care of after the party. We’ll take care of it! But what about… read more

What People Are Saying About Hot Ground Gym As A Birthday Party Place

We’ve written dozens of blogs about our kids’ fitness programs, obstacle courses, and summer camps here in Northbrook. In a few blogs we’ve taken time to focus on our Hot Ground as a kids’ birthday party place. But so far we haven’t stepped back and let our clients tell you why having your event here… read more

Why Hot Ground Gym Is One Of The Best Kids Birthday Party Places Around

  We dropped our daughter off at a 9-year-old friend’s bowling party the other day and made sure to leave our cell phone number…because we were almost certain they were going to get kicked out early! The girls were running up and down the steps between each frame, pretending to play the race car games,… read more