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More Fun Activities Kids Will Be Enjoying at Our Northbrook Summer Camp

  In our most recent blog we told you about some of the fun activities you can expect your kid to experience when they visit our Northbrook kids’ summer camp. Over the course of many weeks, kids will experience a wide range of activities that will exercise their bodies, such as hiking and our indoor… read more

What Kind of Fun Are We Having At Our Northbrook Day Camp?

  When it comes to most summer camps, you know exactly what you’re getting. Football camp? It’s pretty much all football. Swimming lessons? Mostly time in the water. Computer camp? Lots of code. So when we say that ours is a leadership summer camp, it might not be immediately obvious what’s going to go on.… read more

Why Choose Our Leadership Summer Camp?

Looking for a summer camp for kids in Northbrook? Without a doubt, we at Hot Ground Gym have created one of the most fun and exciting day camps in the area! Of course, that’s easy for us to say, so we’d better back it up. Our kids’ summer camp covers pretty much all the bases… read more

3 Reasons Parents Love Our Summer Camps For Kids

  We’ve already established the many reasons that your children will love our summer camp for kids. After all, where else can they enjoy nature while having fun with their friends and navigating obstacle courses? But why do parents like sending their kids to our kids summer camp? Full Day: Let’s be honest, one of… read more

Is the Hot Ground Summer Camp Appropriate For Girls?

  If you’ve only got five seconds to ready this blog, let’s answer the question right away. YES, the Hot Ground summer camp is an excellent day camp experience for girls! Okay, now that we’ve answered the question, here are a few follow-up explanations as to why we know that girls will have just as… read more

Benefits of Summer Camp In Northbrook

  When you look around, it’s pretty obvious that kids aren’t getting enough exercise, mostly because their eyes are always in front of a glowing screen. They might be exploring, but it’s only a virtual world. We’re happy to announce the 2016 Hot Ground Leadership Summer Camp in order for kids in the Northbrook area… read more