5 Healthy Goals for Kids in 2020

We’re already a week and a half into 2020, but it’s certainly not too late to come up with some New Year’s resolutions for you and your family. If you want your children to be well-rounded and healthy, then Hot Ground Gym in Northbrook is here to help. 

Here at our kids gym, we offer kids fitness programs, obstacle courses for kids, and summer and winter camps to keep your kids active and healthy. To make it even better, though, we focus on more than just physical activity at our kids gym; we also make mental strength and character significant aspects of our approach to wellness. If you’re interested in signing up your little one for our kids gym in Northbrook, then keep reading to learn more and then contact us today with questions! You can even get started with a free trial class.

Be Social

Being social, interacting with friends and acquaintances, and just generally being around people is of great importance for mental health — even for introverts! Help your little one to be more social this year by enrolling them in clubs or classes at school or in our kids gym in Northbrook. As they learn to interact well with others, they’ll also practice teamwork and leadership.

Eat Well

Instead of counting calories or emphasizing bad foods, simply focus on eating well-rounded meals regularly and eating intuitively. Much of eating behavior is learned, so try to set a good example in the home and even have your kids cook with you so they can learn more about nutrition. This is a great family activity no matter the time of year.

Focus on Oral Health

Your dentist will thank you for this one! A good goal for youngsters going into 2020 is to put more focus on their oral health. Consider healthy rewards in order to help them floss and brush daily, and be sure to visit your dentist regularly for teeth cleanings. This will help your child smile with confidence all year long.

Join a Kids Fitness Program

Of course, we think joining a kids fitness program is always a good goal! Hot Ground Gym in Northbrook is the children’s gym of your (and your kids’) dreams! We focus on obstacle courses for kids, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and discipline in order for it to be a comprehensive experience. Visit our kids gym today to learn more.

Practice Meditation

Another great goal to improve your kiddo’s mental health is to begin a meditation practice. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then stop it! Meditation is easier than ever to get into thanks to free apps and YouTube channels — many of which are specifically designed for children.

Visit Our Kids Gym in Northbrook Today

Our kids gym in Northbrook is the perfect place for your little one to make friends, be social, learn valuable skills, get out the wiggles, build character, and strengthen muscles! Learn more about Hot Ground Gym and then contact us today to schedule a free trial class at our kids gym in Northbrook.