6 Ideas for a Fun Winter Break

It may be the end of December, but there’s still plenty of time to plan the winter break of your children’s dreams. From crafts to movie nights, obstacle courses, and more, you can let your creative ideas fly this winter break. 

Here at Hot Ground Gym in Northbrook, we can help. We offer kids fitness and a one-of-a-kind obstacle course for kids that is sure to be the star of this winter break. During the holidays when you have time off work and your kids are away from school, you’re going to want quality time together as a family. However, we also know that you can’t always step away from work or other obligations. Because of that, this list includes ideas for the whole family and just for your kids — like our obstacle course in Northbrook. Keep reading to learn more, and contact Hot Ground Gym in Northbrook today to find out more about our obstacle course for kids or to sign up for a free trial class!


There’s nothing like some good ol’ fashioned crafting time! Whether you’re making paper chains to count down to the next holiday or designing New Year’s cards to send to family and friends, this is an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Family History

Speaking of family, why not teach your kids some family history? Believe it or not, children can become very interested in learning about their great-great-great-grandmother so-and-so’s past. It will really come alive when they can see someone’s own handwriting or pictures!

Kids Fitness

Kids fitness is also an excellent way to spend the winter break! At our kids gym in Northbrook, we’ll make sure to use up your kids’ energy in a healthy, productive way. An added bonus? They’ll be social and make lots of friends while they’re at it!

Movie Night

Your winter break doesn’t have to be go-go-go the entire time. However, instead of simply putting on a movie, make an event of it! Make several flavors of popcorn, choose a movie (or two or three) everyone will enjoy, and host a sleepover in the living room.

Obstacle Course for Kids

When you need to get away for a bit, send your kids to Hot Ground Gym in Northbrook for an indoor obstacle course! It’s active, of course, but it also teaches teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and discipline. Our obstacle course for kids is popular year-round.


Finally, steal away with the whole family for some fun in the snow! Sledding down hills is exhilarating and active, and you could maybe even make a snowperson while you’re at it!

Visit Our Kids Gym in Northbrook Today

No matter what you choose, your kids are sure to have a wonderful time this winter break if they get to spend time with you — and if they get to try our obstacle course for kids in Northbrook! Contact us today to learn more about our kids gym or kids fitness, and then sign up for a free trial class if you haven’t visited us before.