Parents always look for a new way to develop their child physically and mentaly. As a parent myself I started thinking about programs for my little one, but I wanted something unique, something with a spirit which goes way beyond the physical aspects. I wanted something that could develop my child physically and challenge her mentally. Kids these days are very hard to impress or to keep their focus. They start a program and then lose interest. Always ask yourself, if it’s boring for you why do would it be interesting for your child?

I wanted a well rounded program which would help my daughter build a strong character, critical thinking, team work, leadership, excellent social skills, and give her a sense of belonging while helping her to conquer fears. I wanted to find a program which would develop self discipline, self confidence, and teach how to deal with failure, inspire voluntarism, enthusiasm and much more. Yes I know I have high expectation from an after school activity program, but these are my standards. I believe that time is limited and every minute invested must serve a purpose. One of my favorite “business philosophers” Jim Rohn once said “it must be worth your money and time. You can always make more money, but you cannot reverse time. So if time was wasted that’s the bigest loss.”

So after a long period of research I couldn’t find anything that covered everything I had in my mind. If you can’t find it then CREATE IT. When Doug and I first began developing the concept for Hot Ground Gym, we didn’t really know what type of program we would like to offer for children, but the goal was to create the most unique, dynamic and challenging program possible. We wanted to offer the kids something that would promote health and fitness while developing tools for life. The development of Junior Boots program began a year and a half ago. From the first day we opened the doors at Hot Ground Gym and begun training our “Junior Boots”, the program developed its own character and evolved to much more than what we envisioned.

The guiding principles of our Junior Boots program are:
Fun – Outside the box drills, No boring routines, COOL Instructors
Problem Solving – Application of different drills (missions). Example: to construct a functional structure with improvised tools within a specific time limit.
Physical – Fitness drills, indoor obstacle course, push-ups, pull-ups, rope climbing, etc.
Team Work – Everyone is encouraged to help each other at all times. Missions are designed in a way where success is measured by team cohesion and the mission results.
Discipline – Team work and discipline go hand in hand. If one is misbehaving the whole group will do extra work. We accomplish discipline by “rebooting” the kids with different drills. They know that each system has its consequences.
Leadership – Each kid has an opportunity to lead a task from selecting his/her team members to leading them in the “mission”.

I am very grateful and excited to be a part of the training and the development of the Junior Boots program with Doug.

Paul Plotkin
Hot Ground Gym