Philosophy For Kids: The Ongoing Benefits (Pt. 2)

In our previous blog post, we looked at what philosophy is and how you can practice it with your kids. This is all in the service of our expansive approach to kids fitness. At Hot Grounds Gym in Arlington Heights, we’re in the business of cultivating well-rounded, compassionate, and effective leaders. This means approaching kids fitness from more than just the perspective of physical fitness; it’s fitness of both the body and the mind. We demonstrate this clearly in our Junior Boots program, where we implement our 3 PRONGED APPROACH™ to child development. 

This is what motivated our two-part series on practicing philosophy with your kids. In part two of this series, we will turn to the very real ongoing benefits of philosophy for kids and overall improvements in kids fitness. Let’s turn to that now.

1. Improved Critical Thinking Skills

This one should come as no surprise. As we discussed in part one, philosophy is largely about deliberate thinking. By slowing down and reflecting on our own thoughts, it allows us to gain insight into what we’re thinking and why. This holds true for your kids as well. Philosophy offers them a chance to step away from their iPhones and fidget spinners and instead critically engage with their own thoughts.

Critical thinking involves creativity and problem-solving, which are essential skills for an effective leader. Philosophy offers the opportunity to develop and hone precisely these skills.

2. Better Relationship To Emotions

Humans are emotional creatures, no doubt about it. For children, many emotions are new, fresh, or confusing, which can add to their intensity. Helping children navigate the intensity of their emotions can be vital to helping them become well-rounded and healthy individuals.

Philosophy helps kids recognize and reflect upon their emotions. By training children to stop and think about what they’re feeling and why, it can help them have a healthy relationship to their emotions. Instead of feeling shameful and out of control, philosophy encourages children to recognize and acknowledge their emotional states. This healthier relationship with their emotions will offer them more understanding, and, ultimately, more ability to mitigate the negative impact of unwanted emotions. This can help your kids reduce stress, as well as to understand their anger, sadness, and fear.

3. Good Practice With Writing And Communication

Communication and collaboration are both essential skills for an effective leader. By practicing philosophy with your kids and encouraging them to reflect and discuss their thoughts, you will be helping them develop skills of articulation. It isn’t easy to think about our own thoughts — let alone to explore difficult and scary questions. It is doubly hard to communicate these things.

Practicing this with your children will be invaluable for their development. Good communication skills cannot be underestimated in today’s world. It will not only help with their ability to become leaders, but it will also aid in their ability to maintain and cultivate meaningful relationships — both personally and professionally. You can even practice these skills in writing, as writing and communication are both invaluable skills in the world today.

Cultivating Kids Fitness

Ultimately, philosophy will offer a tool kit for your kids to become well-rounded and healthy individuals. The benefits will start immediately, but they will prove to be ongoing. These are life skills that will aid in a better existence. Start practicing these skills now — because the need for them will never go away. 

We recommend exploring some philosophical literature on your own in order to get creative in what you can teach your kids. And don’t forget to work out their bodies as well as their mind. Get the whole thing at Hot Grounds Gym in Arlington Heights!