Active Games To Play This Fall

Fall is finally here, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay inside all of the time. With the holidays right around the corner as well as snow, we encourage you to play outside before the bad weather sets in. After all, living in the Greater Chicago area, you can expect a large quantity of snow, so take advantage of staying outside as long as you can. However, keep in mind that if you want to get your child’s fitness in, then Hot Ground Gym® is the perfect kids gym that will meet your needs. At Hot Ground Gym we offer an array of kids fitness programs such as Junior Boots™, camps, and our facility is perfect for birthday parties. Contact us for more information on our kids fitness programs or if you’d like to have a birthday party at Hot Ground Gym.

Five Games To Play With Your Kids This Fall

In today’s blog, we’re going to go over active games for kids fitness that you can do outside. While getting your child’s fitness in at Hot Ground Gym is a superb idea, you still want your child to get his or her exercise in during the rest of the week. A great way to do that is playing enjoyable kids fitness games with your child. These games are fall-themed and fun to play outside. Try playing some of the following with your child or invite some of his or her friends over so they can enjoy a play date.

Harvest Obstacle Course

At Hot Ground Gym, we know all about obstacle courses. Part of the 5 Pillars Of Confidence, obstacle courses help to build on your child’s development. With physical activity, your child will also experience developing their skills by going through each of the weekly themes. With the harvest obstacle course, you’ll help to build your kid’s fitness abilities as well as ensure he or she has a good time. What’s neat about the harvest obstacle course is that you can build your own scarecrow, decorate with pumpkins, and use bales of hay to make the maze. If you don’t have a large yard or go through the hassle of building an obstacle course, then check out fall festivals where you’ll get the same effect for less of the effort.

Capture The Flag

Another favorite is capture the flag. Capture the flag is a great game in any type of weather any time of the year. Capture the flag is the best in a big group, so if your child has a lot of friends or you have a large yard to play in, then it can be such a great game to play. You probably remember some of the times that you played capture the flag when you were a kid. Between defending your team’s flag and running around to find the other team’s flag, it’s a great kids fitness game and it’ll incite a few laughs between friends.

Hide And Seek

Another fun game is hide and seek. This classic game can be played with a few kids or many kids. Obviously, it’ll be much more fun with several kids, but hide and seek can be a great game to play because it’s a common interest and the kids can get creative. Hide and seek is something that spans generations and continues to be a great game for kids. Not only do you need to not do anything, but you can also incorporate different rules such as having a safe area or running away if you’re caught.

Harvest Relay

Another fall-related game is the harvest relay. The harvest relay is similar to the harvest obstacle course, but can be a lot more fun. The harvest relay is a fun game that requires a few more kids, but it can be a creative game to play. You’ll want a few different teams with a few different activities to do. They can all be fall-themed as well such as running with a large pumpkin, doing a three-legged race, and quickly putting a costume together to win.

Our kids fitness gym is the ultimate experience for kids. Started in 2013, our kids fitness gym has been going strong for over five years. With unique training programs and physical activity to strengthen your child’s physical, mental, and emotional skills,he or she will learn a lot more than how to love exercise. For more information about Hot Ground Gym, check us out.