Back To School: Back Into The Gym

With school right around the corner, you may be looking for some ways to keep your child entertained after school. Whether you work late or you’d like to enroll your child into an after school activity he or she will like, our kids gym has you covered. Hot Ground Gym started with two individuals who wanted to incorporate a different type of physical fitness into children’s lives. Whether you want to enroll your child into our summer and winter camps or you want to help them do something constructive after school, our kids gym is the right place to enroll your child. We have a variety of activities that will keep them learning and more importantly, having fun. For more information about Hot Ground Gym®, contact us today.

What Your Child Will Learn At Hot Ground Gym

Our kids fitness gym doesn’t just offer an after school activity to fill the time after four o’clock. We are so much more than just something to do after school. Your child can actually learn just as much while in school as they can in our kids gym. Our kids fitness gym was developed by military veterans who are interested in teaching the next generation some valuable life lessons. We’ve been able to accomplish this with activities that are centered around child development. We can help your child learn the following:

Problem Solving

Problem solving is something that many people learn through life lessons. At our kids fitness gym in Northbrook, we want to take those life lessons and turn then into weekly missions. Our weekly missions are at the end of each Junior Boots™ class. The weekly missions consists of team building activities that are all based off a specific scenario. Each week there’s a different scenario, which is how we can keep your child on his or her toes and having fun. The children will come up with an action plan for the mission to successfully complete it. Each week there’s a different them and the children will become familiar with unfamiliar situation and how to solve them. This will help them tackle fear, uncertainty, and the unknown.


Learning teamwork early on will help your child cooperate with his or her peers and superiors much better. Teamwork also helps with strengthening different skills such as communication, social, and leadership. Teamwork will be transpired through many areas of your child’s life as well. It doesn’t just have to do with being a part of a community, it also allows your child to collaborate and stay organized. Teamwork is a way for kids to support one another and help each other overcome difficult situations. By instilling a desire to be a part of a team, your child will take that with them into their academic life as well as their personal one.

Obstacle Course Fitness

Another pillar that we emphasize at our kids gym is physical activity. The entire program is based around physical activity. Our obstacle course fitness program is centered around encouraging physical activity. We want to help your child enjoy exercising and developing courses that are creative and fun will accomplish that. Exercising and play are vital in the development of your child. By placing an emphasis on obstacle course fitness, your child will get healthy and find that exercising is fun, especially with our weekly themes.


Just like teamwork, learning to be a leader is vital. If your child is shyer or less vocal in group settings, then we can help your child find their his or her voice. Learning leadership skills has four elements that we focus on. They include mentoring, assessment, application, and education. Leadership is a skill that if learned early, will help your child excel through school and his or her career. At Hot Ground Gym, we’ll help your child find his or her inner voice by using a trial and error method because it’ll teach your child about actions and consequences. It’ll also help with emotional intelligence, compassion, action plan execution, and more.


Another pillar that your child will learn about is discipline. We strive to have highly structured programs at Hot Ground Gym, which helps a child learn about respectful behavior. Discipline helps a child understand respectful behavior and how to abide by rules, listen to peers, and behave toward adults. Our program makes sure that each child is held accountable for their actions all of the time. If a rule has been violated, then we’ll help the child understand why the behavior is disrespectful and how he or she can change their actions for the future.

What Is Junior Boots™?

Our after school program is called Junior Boots. The Junior Boots program was created by military veterans that wanted to incorporate a three-pronged approach. In this three-pronged approach, we implement mental, physical, and character development. Each of our Junior Boots classes are confidence building, challenging, and fun. After a long day at school, the best thing for a child is to have a little fun, but don’t worry parents, your child will continue to learn while here. The five above pillars of confidence will help your child learn more about themselves, their surroundings, and other aspects that will help their development.

Make sure that your child is having fun and learning something when you choose to come to Hot Ground Gym for after school activities. Contact us today to learn more about our kids gym.