Have Fun This Summer At Our Hot Ground Gym Summer Camps

It’s officially spring and that means the kids will be out of school soon. While you’re excited about the warmer weather, you have absolutely no idea what your children will do this summer except rely on your usual plan for them. You have about a month and a half to figure out what you want them to do for the summer and it’s always easiest to just do the same thing as previous years. While keeping them at home and going over schoolwork to ensure they remember math, science, language arts, and history is your go-to for summer plans, perhaps consider a different approach when they get out of school.

Hot Ground Gym® is a perfect way for your child to spend the summer because it’s different from what you usually have them do and our core focus is on leadership, development, kids fitness, and having fun. In today’s blog, we’ll help you plan a fun and educational summer for your children so when school starts back up in the fall, they are ready to take on another year.

About Our Summer Camp

Before we dive into our summer camp, we’ll enlighten you to the background of Hot Ground Gym. Originally, we began in July of 2013 as a facility run by two military veterans who wanted to make a difference in children’s lives. Our instructors are role models who were in the U.S. Marine Corps and the Israeli Special Forces. They wanted to take more traditional kids fitness and sports and deviate from the norm to create an atmosphere that’s inviting, unique, and goes behind physical activity to focus on strengthening critical thinking skills and build character.

Our summer camp embodies each of the values we emphasize at our facility. Our leadership camp will help to build confidence, motivation, and accountability. We choose instructors who have knowledge about fun child development activities as well as comprehensive real life experiences. Each of the instructors we pick for our leadership summer camp program will help your child find their inner leader and their own voice to become a stronger individual.

Why Choose Our Camp

You may have already chosen what your child will do this summer, but consider another option with our leadership summer camp. Instead of encouraging them to study all summer to remember their schoolwork, remember that childhood is a time to have fun as well as learn. When your child comes to our leadership summer camp, they’ll learn and they’ll have a good time while building confidence. It’s also full of activities that you can’t find anywhere else, which makes us a unique facility. As for other parents who have sent their children here, we’re top rated.

The Details About Our Summer Camp

So how exactly does our summer camp work? Well, the start dates are June 11 – August 10 for kids who are seven through 12 years of age. You can select by the week you want to send your child, so if you want to take that family vacation, then you’re more than encouraged to.

To sign your child up for our summer camp, contact us today.