The Long Term Benefits Of Starting To Exercise Young

Unfortunately, childhood obesity has become an epidemic in this country. Obesity as a young child can cause a myriad of problems throughout life. As a parent, you want the best life possible for your child and that means incorporating a balance in his or her life. There’s a misconception out there that you need to focus on the academic portion in school and that physical education is an expendable portion of the curriculum, but for your child to do well in school, it’s vital that they have mental and physical stimulation to keep them healthy.

There are many studies out there that dive into the balance of school and physical activity. These studies show that kids who exercise for longer or up to 40 minutes do better on cognitive tests. Just like you who needs to find a balance between work and life, your child needs to have the same balance between school and physical activity.

At Hot Ground Gym®, we offer not just kids fitness, but a lifetime dedication to living a healthy life. Our Junior Boots™ program incorporates kids fitness and obstacle courses to help your child get fit while love doing it. Our obstacle courses create a lifelong love of exercising and moving the body. Our programs vary for kids who are in kindergarten all the way until 8th grade. In addition, to get your child out of the house during his or her breaks, we offer winter and summer camps. In addition, we offer birthday parties, so your child and his or her friends can enjoy a celebration while getting fit.

What Age Should Kids Start To Exercise

By regularly exercising, your child can decrease their chances of getting type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, asthma, and other conditions that can make a healthy lifestyle difficult. In addition, a regulated healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise will decrease the chances of your child being bullied. Regular exercise can help your child control his or her weight and increase their self-esteem.

According to Get Kids In Action, one in three American kids are either obese or overweight. So, what’s the right age to start exercising? When is it time for your child to start incorporating fitness into his or her day-to-day life? At Hot Ground Gym, our programs start as early as kindergarten. In general, there’s not an age limit on how early your child should start exercising, but if he or she already has health issues, then make sure to speak to your pediatrician to find out the types of exercise that are safe.

The Benefits Of Starting Young

By starting to exercise early on in life, your child can lead a more fulfilling life health-wise. They will age better and their risk of diseases will go down. Incorporating that balance of healthy living and everyday life can be exceptionally beneficial from an early age onward. In addition to creating a lifelong person who loves fitness, there are many long term effects of exercising that start at a young age such as the ones listed below.

You’ll Age And Look Better

Long term effects of exercising can make you age better and look better all around. While your child probably can’t even imagine being a day over 10, because in his or her eyes that’s old, exercising early in life will help them age better. If your child is a little heavy at five, then as they grow older, it can just become worse and unhealthy habits can be formed.

For kids fitness, if a child can burn more calories, then they’ll build muscle tone, which will carry onward as they grow older. Exercising at an early age will help to maintain a healthy weight as well. In addition, with diseases that weaken the body such as osteoporosis, a person who doesn’t exercise can face more issues with brittle bones. Exercise helps to make bones and muscles strong, so there’s no risk of bones that aren’t able to hold up during simple activities such as walking.

It Will Benefit The Mind And Body

Exercise benefits the mind and the body. As we mentioned above, your child needs a healthy balance of exercise as well as academia. By finding that balance, the body and the mind will be healthier. The simple act of exercising creates chemicals in the body that make you feel good. You’ll sleep better, be more energized, and you’ll have more confidence. In addition, it can ward off mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Exercise can also give you a sense of pride, so your child will associate exercising with feeling accomplished.

Lower The Risk Of Obesity And Diseases

Obviously, exercise will decrease the chances of obesity and other diseases. For example, if your child doesn’t exercise, then they can become a candidate for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. If at a young age they are already struggling with these types of issues, then it’ll just get worse as they grow older.

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